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UFO sighting or just a plane?

Yes, there are drone planes, but regular commercial aircraft or even private planes could also be mistaken for a UFO under certain conditions.

One common scenario is the optical illusion of a plane seeming to hover, when in fact it is flying towards you.

Then your best guide is to judge how long the plane appears in the same position. It is unlikely that a plane could be seen flying towards you for over an hour, for instance.

Most people aren't completely familiar with the normal pattern of airplane flashing lights, and it's possible that they may be mistaken for a UFO.

Or vice-versa. :-)

My UFO research found many that people that claim alien UFOs can disguise themselves by morphing into the shape of a 'regular' airplane.

This may sound far-fetched, but I've seen at least one video showing a plane change shape while in flight.

If space aliens did want to fly closer to the ground without causing a ruckus, than having a plane 'disguise' would certainly be helpful.

There are enough reports of 'planes' that behave in ways that are highly unnatural to at least consider this as a possibility.

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