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UFO sighting Saskatchewan Nov 2012 or Nov 2013 ( Within 10 days of Halloween ) Rouleau Sk

(Roulea Sk Canada)

I was walking past my back door to go do laundry in my basement (it was 9:30 or 10:30 at night.) When I happened to see a very pretty green coloured light in the sky. I pressed my face against the glass and was happy to see the northern lights outside. It was unusually warm for the first week of Nov in Sask and I just threw on my flip flops, no jacket and went out on my back step to see the Northern lights. I was amazed at the pretty green colour, but honestly my first thought outside was 'Cheap!' the last time I saw the northern lights they went on forever in the sky, but this was a relatively clear night a few clouds but not many, and all I could see was two little patches of green far far away( I am not an expert at aviation but it was hundreds of miles away in the sky) What first caught my eye was what appeared to be a plane or something flying right in front of it, then a second later I noticed The same colour green as the northern lights ( not in the same spot as the plane ) coming out of the northern lights like an intense orb of green. Well as I was watching this green light orb coming closer at a ridiculous speed, it turned into two green orbs and eventually I could make out a disk shape above the green lights. I was completely stunned in disbelief. They moved perfectly together getting closer at a speed that my eyes had trouble comprehending. In two minutes this thing that was hundreds of miles away in the northern lights in the sky, was hovering about half a block from me and maybe 3 stories high in the sky. By the time it stopped and hovered it had one big green light beam shining down and totally quiet, it was probably the size of a small house . My biggest shock was once it stopped and hovered I could see the shape on top of the ufo, it was like a bell shape on top, disk shape on the bottom. ( In my stereotype of a ufo they were always a disk shape ) It hovered for 3 mins and then it took off even quicker then it appeared. Straight up and gone. (Just some interesting geographic info Rouleau sk is located 30 mins away from Regina's airport and 30 mins away from Moose jaws Royal Canadian Air force base.. So in my opinion these things are probably not tracked on radar. Also was playing around with an Iphone and discovered with a compass app that from my back door where this occurred is north at zero (Not positive that I was using compass correctly.)I am baffled as to why no one else seen this and I challenge anyone who has seen it to come forward and let the truth be told.

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