UFO Sighting Saskatoon August 7th 2016

by Cheryl

Hi, below is a link to a video taken by me, I originally watched the video in slow motion to see still frames of the lightening and then seen the small object enter the frame for a second, a friend said its reflection in the lens from the lamp post, but I disagree as the motion of the orb is independent of the movement of the camera.
This is around the 18 and half second mark, and appears that there's a larger object concealed in the clouds.

please feel free to message me on the YouTube channel of this video:


and no I aint spamming a sh*t link, this is definitely something not of this world.

look forward to your thoughts on this


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Sep 13, 2016
Additional UFO sighting in 1996
by: AMJ

Thanks for the additional info!

That's also interesting info about your sighting in 1996. Where did that happen?

I'd love for you to report that as a separate full detailed sighting here:


Who knows... maybe someone else will come forward with more details on the same sighting..


Sep 12, 2016
embedding the UFO sighting video
by: Steve

Thank you for embedding the video, I do think the UFO responded to camera movement and thus using the opportunity of the lamp post entering frame as a cover, as I've had some people refer to this video as lens reflection but watching it in slow motion shows some interesting frames.

There does appear to be a cigar shaped object concealed in the cloud that I feel the UFO was also responding to and could be a reason for the extreme lightening.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and also add that I think that whatever it is, its of demonic nature, its not the first I've witnessed.

I observed something in July of '96' that was hovering about 200 ft off the ground for 20 seconds, it glowed purple and white like a lava lamp then it whizzed off at great speed leaving a red tracer mark behind it.

My life consequently over the last 20 years has been bizarre with some very strange experiences.

Sep 11, 2016
Embedded video
by: AMJ

Hi. I've tried to embed the video to make it easier for site visitors.

The sighting is quite good!

While seeing the sudden glowing UFO light was interesting enough, the sudden movement back and forth was amazing!

And the sudden 180 degree turn and super-fast 'exit' looks like nothing I've seen.

There is a new report on this site that also describes a seeming "response" to being 'caught'.

"Speaking of taking pictures of it, and maybe it was a coincidence but I doubt it, when I took the picture of this circle of lights I used a flash as it was getting darker at sunset on my balcony and after it flashed I noticed that the UFO started to quickly fade into a splat of light and I thought 'haha gotcha'. lol. Just a feeling I got, it was like it saw the flash and realized someone was photographing them."

Read more: Greyish saucer shaped UFO spotted in clouds in Canada at Sunset https://www.ufo-sightings-canada.com/greyish-saucer-shaped-ufo-spotted-in-clouds-in-canada-at-sunset.html#ixzz4Jv2QMgmF

Did you get the sense that it was responding to your camera as well? Or perhaps reacting to the lightning?

Thanks for posting!

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