UFO Sightings Feb 2012 in
Promontory, British Columbia

(Cascade Mountain Range)

UFO Picture  (Enhanced)  Part 1 at 53 seconds

UFO Picture (Enhanced) Part 1 at 53 seconds

UFO Picture  (Enhanced)  Part 1 at 53 seconds UFO Picture - Enhanced - Part 2 at 34 seconds

Sttella was able to capture two short UFO videos from UFO sightings from about 11 PM to 11:35 PM, while in the Cascades Mountain Range.

She describes her location as: "East of Abbotsford, approximately over Promontory or Cascade Mountains, 45°- 50° up into sky. 70° North to South."

continued below map....

She guesstimated distance at about "38 or more kilometres".

More from her description:
"2 orbs-star like, brighter, pulsating green, white and red lights...
hovering, moving very slowly West-South, the main orb was there around 15 min when I have notice the second orb, coming from North-East. The second had different pulsating time (pattern), was moving faster but was hard to see, and was smaller. Take a look of the second video! I did not see any contact, between them, but I lost interest and went to bed, when the smaller one disappeared of my sight."

Analysis and Opinion continued below UFO videos...

Part One

Part Two

I was able to get two interesting screen captures from the sighting - one from each of the two UFO videos from Feb 2012.

Interestingly, although Sttella described the UFO sighting as having "green, white and red lights", the two images I zoomed in on were different - an orange-yellow, and blue.

Also interesting is the shape of the first object when zoomed in. You may notice that it mimics the shape of the Edmonton sightings taken by telescope on 12 Feb 2012 - just one week later, in another province!

To improve the image, the UFOs were zoomed 300%, and slight improvements in contrast and sharpness was applied, using Picasa.

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