UFO Theories

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UFO Theories

Chances are when you think of UFO theories, you think of extraterrestrials, right? Most of us do.

And no surprise. With all the Hollywood alien movies over the years, it would be more surprising if we didn't immediately think of an alien invasion.

But there are other possibilities out there too.

First, it is worth remembering that the term UFO stands for 'Unidentified Flying Object' - and just because it can't be immediately identified, doesn't mean that it is automatically an extraterrestrial alien space ship.

Theories from my UFO research

I think it's worthwhile to separate the theories into broad categories.
These are some of the theories I've come across in my UFO research:

  • Extraterrestrial alien space craft
  • Human technology
  • Aircraft
  • Drones

Natural Phenonemon

  • Stars
  • Planets
  • Meteors / Comets
  • Lenticular clouds
  • Earthquake Lights
  • Strange weather effects

Theories from the edges of science

  • Time travel visitors
  • Visitors from other planes of existence
  • Inter-dimensional visitors
  • Any combination of the above

It is already a pretty interesting list, don't you think?

But what is also interesting, is the infinite number of possibilities from different combinations of theories.

Remember the story of the blind men and the elephant? Each individual could describe in great detail the characteristics of any one part of the animal, and come to a conclusion based only on what they learned from their own experience.

Obviously, the person who only ever examined the animal's tusk, would come to a very different conclusion than the person who investigated the trunk, or the tail, or a leg or the torso. It is only possible to come to a correct conclusion if ALL of the observations are put together.

Our observations about UFOs and aliens may be like the unknown elephant examined by the blind men in the story.

And a lot of people are studiously 'blind' to UFO evidence, regardless of the quality.

While most people may acknowledge at least the possibility of alien civilizations, it can be a scary stretch to interpret strange lights in the sky to space aliens. Many won't be swayed by even more direct UFO evidence.

At the other extreme, especially for the conspiracy prone, fear of a ruthless alien agenda can create a UFO theory that lacks even basic evidence or analysis.

But somewhere, between denial, UFO hoaxes and fearful conspiracy theories, are some really interesting observations and experiences.

It may be early stages, but our theories of UFOs, when taken together and examined logically, may just provide some important clues to the reality.

Take a look at the UFO explanations below. Add your comments or add your own UFO theory in the form below.

Let's add to the conversation.

Do you have your own UFO theories?

What possible explanations do you think there are for UFOs? Tell us about your theory and how you developed these ideas...

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