UFO video footage in Vancouver, BC - 9 May 2012

Enhanced UFO image

Enhanced UFO image

Enhanced UFO image Daylight sighting of UFO in east Vancouver OVNI - UFO video still

This is really interesting UFO video footage taken in the early evening (8:16 pm) because it was still light enough to get some interesting detail.

continued below map....

The UFO was fairly active, hovering in the sky quite a bit, and changing from light to dark several times during the course of the UFO video.

It's hard to get clear UFO images due to all the hovering, though I tried to help distinguish the features better in the still above with image enhancements - adding shadow and sharpening the image as best I could.

Still, you can see that the UFO has depth and is clearly spinning about, at relatively low altitude. The witness suggests that the best views are after about 2:00 and 3:15 mark.

Luckily, the witness just happened to notice the UFO orb while walking home in east Vancouver. Luckily they had a good camera with HD, and were able to create this UFO video footage at 40x zoom.

The witness description of the UFO sighting:
"...the´╗┐ object was moving fast with constant speed, i say independently. The shape was like a metallic dodecahedrum with a diameter of 6ft..."

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