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UFO's one hour away from New Brunswick and Maine border

Were UFOs this close to the Canada USA border to neutralize nuclear weapons?

Were UFOs this close to the Canada USA border to neutralize nuclear weapons?

Just finished watching the first show you of UFOs Declassified - a very well done show.

In the show, there were references to multiple sightings of UFOs at the Loring Air Force base.

I decided to look it up and discovered that it is only about an hour away from the border with New Brunswick.

What shocked me about the details in the show is not only the amazingly well documented official information about UFO sightings, but a very real reason for why they were there.

Apparently there are indications that nuclear weaponry was stored there - about 40 miles from the Canadian border!

As one of the analysts put it, if extra- terrestrials were monitoring earth, and saw the natives increasingly exploding nuclear bombs, they may well become worried. As he put it, nuclear bombs could literally destroy the earth.

Such an event would likely have ramifications in space,so his theory is interesting.

Did aliens visit US nuclear weapon storage areas in order to incapacitate them?

If so, we're similar visits made in other countries?

In the documentary I watched, events were officially recorded in 1975 and then again in 1980 - at least in the US.

Since at least some of the 1975 UFO sightings were so close to the Canadian border, there should logically be a number of UFO reports from New Brunswick.

So far I've not come across any, though perhaps it's due to types of records kept in 1975.

If anyone knows of any Canadian reports from that time, I encourage you to share below.

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