VERE formation of 5 perfect spheres southwest calgary Sunday August 14 2016

by Stephen wertman
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Was driving southbound on crow child trail in Calgary Alberta around Lincoln Park I saw (further south from me around the Glenmore reservoirs) five dome like lights that were in a very formation and lighting the clouds around them the lights hung there as I continued south for about 3 minutes and after some lighting disappeared. I could tell by the shape of the lights (perfectly circular)
And the color (bright golden yellow) and formation (perfect v) and the fact that they were illuminating the clouds around them that they were too high to be any kind of street lamps and the wrong color for any kind of parking lot lamps or construction lamps. And too large of a glow for airplane lights. Sorry for the poor description I was unable to photograph or video as I was traveling at about 70 kph on a heavily monitored road.

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