Visible at night, Aug 3 2015 SE Calgary AB approx. 22:10 local

by JD
(Calgary )

I was outside in the back behind our house with my children, had just finished watching the ISS fly over- this was between 21:57 local and 22:03, that was nearly overhead from west to East. I often do this in the summer months as I am an astronomy buff and my kids like to occasionally watch the bright ISS fly over.

A few minutes after the ISS flew over, I had pointed out 2 other polar-orbiting satellites going from north to south. The kids were getting sleepy and not so observant so I was about to take the short walk with them back in the house.

As I was looking northward scanning for more satellites, suddenly I noticed a very black Isosceles or nearly Right-angle shaped Triangle, observed coming from the north heading towards south. Position would have been about 70 degrees from vertically overhead, slightly towards the west. It would have been about 2 thumb-widths across if you held them out side-by-side at arm's length. It was very hard to estimate actual height, but I would guess the actual size was slightly smaller than a 737 size aircraft so about 2000 ft. up.

There were 3 very, very dim red lights on each corner; very dim and almost diffuse and slightly fuzzy-looking, so dim as to be more of a brownish-red than bright red. The triangle was not flying right-angle (or "pointy end" forward), but instead with one of the opposite or adjacent edges leading; it was not flying symmetrically.

As soon as I saw this, I immediately turned on my "skeptical" mind to try and figure out what the heck it was; I first thought of 3 large white geese flying in a triangle formation, lit up by the city lights below... however there was no flapping motion of the lights, they stayed in a perfect triangle, and as it flew overhead, I could clearly see the darkness of the triangle between the dim lights... it was definitely material and was blocking out the stars as it flew over them. I thought it may be a drone, but there was no noise at all, it appeared too large to be a small drone, and would have been moving to fast to be a remote drone. I thought that perhaps it may be an optical "artifact" in my eye, sometimes the kind you may see when staring at something.. I closed and opened my eyes several times, and also looked away at a few stars to see if the artifact followed my field of vision change. It was definitely a real object. I also thought, could this be a figment of my imagination? I was thinking as I closed and opened my eyes, that it may disappear, but there it moved -I looked south and away and then back, and sure enough, it continued its motion north to south. I thought of several things that it could possibly be, then debunked my own ideas; I was trying to quickly yet rationally come up with other alternate explanations, than "UFO". However, I could not.

I counted the time it took to move from the far north to the south sky; I remembered counting in my head as well, to about 45 - it finally disappeared out of view and got smaller near the lower horizon where it disappeared over the houses. I never thought to say to my kids, "look at that!" As I was so gobsmacked that I could not even open my mouth, although I was certainly trying to figure out what rational thing this could be; I also did not want to startle them, as they were curled up in blankets by this time not really looking up.

I am a very sceptical person of anything related to UFOs and "aliens" and still do not believe this stuff. Nevertheless, I knew almost immediately that this was most certainly NOT a normal aircraft (there are many aircraft flying over Calgary, this was NOT an aircraft). It was nothing other than a real triangular-shaped object that defied my explanation - a real UFO. I have never seen anything like that before.

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