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Weird clouds a regular thing in area over Quebec near Ottawa River

by carolyn
(ottawa, ontario, canada)

I just found this page darn it or would have submitted a few reports I have had in this exact same area. I have a big view of the sky over Quebec in the Aylmer and Gatineau areas of that province.

These two sightings will have to go dateless but I saw them this summer 2016 with the last one being just a few days ago and today, August 19, 2016.

The first weirder than weird cloud formation was back a few months - like maybe 3, think I filed that one with MUFON. Anywho, the sky was a little cloudy with darker blackish clouds and some lighter and blue sky as well. I have come to know the sky pretty well here and realize that long thinner black black clouds usually mean UFO activity and strange formations.

This time though I was not ready for what happened. Right in front of me darker lines started to form made of clouds I guess but in no time I was looking at what was unmistakingly a giant image of a helicopter - yup made of dark grey clouds. This sucker was like 3 football fields in width and had all the details on it including separation lines between the 3 windows on the side of the cloud helicopter, propellar blades on the top, pontoon like landing gear on the bottom of it, a nose like a helicopter, you could see the other side through the windows of the side facing me and a long tail that was the only thing unlike a regular copter. The length and shape were right as would a regular copter have but it was more in the image of a long fish.

Man you can't dream this stuff up.

Unfortunately I did not have a camera but have kicked myself ever since. It was like some master cloud painter had painted this giant helicopter out of clouds. It was amazing. I can't have been the only one to see it but are there reports on the media? No. Sigh.

So the other cloud event took place only a few days ago. I have similar sightings in the past of this same scenario with clouds. You get those long thin black clouds and if you look at them through a good set of binoculars you see shapes moving on top of some of the dark cloud lines. I have no idea what they are of course but I have seen this before.

Sometimes the dark cloud lines (black dark) form into what look like mini cityscapes that look to be several buildings long, didn't see that one the other night but have before. Also during that episode I saw many odd shaped lighter clouds that just didn't look right in the sky compared to other clouds - those are the ones you have to watch - you get vibes which ones to really take a good look at.

I have seen other UFOs over the last 7 years, all in the same area of sky, a triangle in the middle of the day hiding behind a cloud with little white orbs bouncing around underneath it, two large orange orbs, flashing into sight, one on top of the other - obviously cloaked the shooting two beams down to the ground - in Quebec - same area.

Thank goodness I had a witness to that one, so dramatic, no one reported it or if they did no one broadcasted the sighting.

About a week ago I was out on my balcony and saw an arc of whiter clouds in a darkening evening sky that seemed odd. I watched it for awhile and all of a sudden some other lines formed that went up from the arc into what might have been a centre of something.

I watched longer (say 10 minutes) and all of a sudden realized that they were radiating into the same centre point (there were maybe 5 of the lines) and it was then that I also realized that around that 'centre and down to the whitish arc I saw at first the whole centre was much darker than the rest of the sky outside the arc.

Then I realized that nothing else was moving in the sky but this large dark mass, going right over my building and then it hit me 'mothership'.

Air conditioners were going in the building so I can't say I heard anything from it but I did sense a sort of a vibrating feeling in the middle of my chest. Reported it - nothing. Oh come on. again, frustrating. Keep looking up folks, even if it goes nowhere. Sigh.

P.S. UFO action seems to happen more around sunsets and can be seen also in the middle of a blue sky near the edges of big white fluffy clouds.

Sometimes you can also see them during the day through misty cloud cover and it seems that they think they are hidden but sometimes not. Have seen a disc lately that was in this category. Had to be looking through binoculars though to see it, wouldn't have noticed it with the naked eye.

That's why I said earlier that if you are looking at the sky then your eyes land on something that doesn't seem to fit the sky at the moment, get out the binoculars - something will probably be there.

This area is active, no one comes to investigate. Frustrating. Something is definitely going on over this area of Quebec but no one seems to care. I give up.

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