Weird Sounds in Sky (Toronto, Ontario) 24 Feb 2012

Today I once again heard the weird sounds that seem to be coming from the sky. The recording was done at about 9:55 am, in the north end of Toronto.

In the recording, you can hear a "sky roar" sound throughout the clip, and some "horn" sounds starting at about 1:44, and again at about 2:00 in.

Click here to hear weird sounds from sky in Toronto

The sound starts off very much like a jet going by - but, it lasts much, much longer - about 10 minutes or so in this case. Also, although I don't normally hear planes from inside the house, this was easily loud enough to catch my attention. Once it was going on for a few minutes, I realized that this may be similar to other reported sounds from the sky, so I decided to try recording it.

All I did was open the window and hold up my Tablet PC to the window. Now that I was close to the window, I realized that there was also a quieter "undertone". A sound that seemed metallic, sometimes almost musical in nature.

Eventually I realized that it was the local church bells - which are normally very loud and annoying. But, with the sound of the "jets", they could barely be heard.

continued below map....

I recorded for just over 3 minutes, then stopped simply because I was getting cold. The sound went on for about another 5 minutes or so.

Much to my surprise, when I listened to the recording on the PC, with the volume turned up, I could clearly make out both the metallic sound and what sound like distinct notes! The notes sounded almost like what you would hear on an xylophone.

The original file was recorded in mp4, and I unfortunately had to convert to mp3 for the sake of uploading here. I'm not sure whether the clarity of those individual notes was lost in the process.

Very strange. No explanation to offer at this point.

You can also heard what sounds like "regular" planes going by. However, there were no planes visible while I was recording this. This may be due to cloud conditions, but typically with a plane that sounds that close I would be able to see it. Perhaps it just wasn't in my line of sight.

As for the continual roaring noise - it sounds a lot like the sound of a jet engine, yet it doesn't quite capture it. As for the other sounds, such as the metallic sound or musical tones - they sound like they are more distant, yet they are distinct as well.

Hopefully this will make more sense to you...

All comments welcome.

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