White orange red glowing orb in Toronto - 1 Jan 2013

by Randy Mann
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Toronto last night January 1, 2013 about 1 am in the morning i was getting some air on the balcony when at first i saw a red light coming from the down-town area of Toronto at first I thought it was a plane then the light turned left and headed my way east

I'm on the seventh floor as it passed a straight line in front of me I got a real good look at it.

It was white in the center as the light moved outward it gradually changed to orange and orange to a red glow there was also a pattern within the light it also had the most awesome glow to it unlike any other light i have ever seen before wow!!!!!!!!!!!

I just stopped - my jaw dropped and I was in awe like i have never been before.

The light seemed to move slow and effortlessly and without a sound totally silent but some how the light was covering lots of ground and moving away quickly that part i really don't get how something can appear to be moving slowly but still moving out of your vision quickly

As the light passed in front of me and away turning right now heading over Lake Ontario on a south east heading towards the United States it still seemed to be going slow but it began a steady climb upward maybe a 45 degree angle upward

it began to dim out on me until it was just a little twinkle in the sky like a star and then nothing gone from my vision
The whole sighting was about a minute and a half from start to finish

All i can say is that i have always been a believer but im also a skeptic because im a need definitive proof kind of person and as far as im concerned now i have it thanks for listening Randy

PS if you get any other kind of news on the sighting i described from last night could you maybe tell me i have been looking around the internet tv news to see if anyone else saw it last night it would really help me a lot to know im not the only one who saw that last night thanks Randy

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Jul 01, 2014
Believer Now Aye
by: Jimmy Nuzz

There are countless numbers of people which who think other people which (come up with) have eye witnesses account of something extraordinary flying through their view in space. That we made it up somehow. I call them the level headed crowd, because anyone who hasn't seen something unexplainable has to stick to their purist opinions. If I didn't see a UFO, I would still keep an open mind. We have space stations taking pictures of Pluto and beyond as we speak. So the big issue is, are there other planets which life can prevail. And if there are, can it be possible for them to be advanced enough to probe earth. I am leaving this out there for people to think about.

Jan 03, 2013
You can submit drawn UFO pictures
by: Editor

Hey Randy! So glad you wrote more about the sighting - those extra details are excellent.

You'd be surprised how phone photos can actually take amazing pictures once you zoom in and add lighting. This great UFO photo was taken on a phone, also in Toronto, for example.

Don't worry about what others think.

From what I've been seeing in my UFO research, the sight of very oddly shaped craft, or craft that looks like something out of a movie is not all that unusual.

When I have time, I'll add a few so that you can see what I mean.

You can send your drawing to webmaster @ ufo-sightings-canada.com (no spaces) and I will add to your report.

Also, if your girlfriend wants to add her comments too, that would be great.

Thanks for the details.

The more people read, the more others will report their own sightings.

Jan 03, 2013
I could not walk away
by: Randy

Sorry i did not capture any video of the sighting i could not walk away.
It would have been on a crappy cell phone i did call my girlfriend she saw half of the sighting.
I did draw what i saw where the light was white in the center it did illuminate about 10 or 20 feet of the craft to the right of the light that part was white or grey with some black lines running horizontal and some kind of marking in black as well and the shape was curved .
Some how this thing was able to blend in with the night sky other than the orb that was very visible .
But i truly believe this thing was massive very low and close.
I have an idea as to what the craft actually looked like but if i told you.you might think i watch too much star trek ,which i dont by the way

Jan 02, 2013
More Toronto UFO sighting on 1 Jan 2013
by: Anonymous

Great report Randy!

Did you get any photos or video?

I know of at least two other people that also say strange UFO lights in Toronto on the same day - at about 8 pm or so.

Hopefully they will also submit a report, so that we can compare..

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